Accessories for wheels


HACO produces various types of fork mounts. We primarily produce forks with plate or bore mounts in-house. Other mount types, like (threaded) pins, are purchased, customised based on the customer's preferences and attached to the forks. The mounts are punched from steel. Some of the mounts are provided with a plastic coat. The bores in the fork mounts are punched out by machines. The fork is fed into the machine by hand, after which it is punched and checked before it can enter the next stages of the production process. This way, we can constantly safeguard the quality of these products. 



The rims HACO produces are made of steel, stainless steel or plastic. The steel rims are treated to achieve a level of appearance and functionality that fits their purpose. The galvanised rims are galvanised externally. Some rims are painted in specific colours to match the house style of the customer. Stainless-steel rims are aesthetically pleasing, durable and pure. The plastic rims are made in our own factory in Germany, using custom-designed and developed HACO moulds. 


SLO is short for Schwerrlast Lenkkopf Ohne Mittelbolzen (heavy-duty swivel fork without centre bolt). In the past, wheel mounts often used a centre bolt, which could easily be connected to a Kingpin. SLOs allow for more variation when it comes to wheel mounts, since you are no longer restricted to a single bore. As such, multiple mount types can be applied within a single production batch. That way, we can easily and quickly fill orders containing a variety of mounting types. In addition to the SLO and Kingpin, a special grease nipple is available. This can be used to add lubricant to grease the mount, so everything runs smoothly.